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  • MAS Vertical

    Printing in a new direction

    MAS VERTICAL enables the back and front of textiles to be printed, optimising printing speed and performance.

  • MAS Twelve

    Maximum flexibility with all types of ink

    Maximum performance and high print quality, with all types of ink.

  • MAS Extreme

    Exceed all limits with MAS Extreme

    Discover the fastest digital textile printer
    available in the market.

Research and innovation for a new generation of printing machinery.

MAS S.r.l.
Printing evolution for the textile industry, made in Italy.

MAS is an Italian company that specialises in applying digital printing technologies to manufacturing.

Our company was established with the aim of revolutionising digital printing on paper and fabric, through research and applying advanced technologies to the textile industry.

Printing that is
optimised &

MAS takes a radical approach to printing through its Vertical technology. This solution can print vertically on both sides of textiles, accelerating production timescales and reducing the consumption of raw materials.