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Printing in a new direction.

MAS Vertical.
Vertical just like your objectives.

MAS Vertical enables the back and front of textiles to be printed, optimising print speed and performance.

Textiles are secured vertically and processed on both sides simultaneously with the utmost precision.

    Teste stampante verticale MAS

    Up to 8 colours
    for both sides.

    MAS technology offers a dual 4-colour printing process, or up to 8 colours, thanks to print heads operating simultaneously on the front and back of the fabric, reproducing the image requested by the customer with maximum precision.

    Performance stampante verticale MAS

    High performance
    and high quality.

    Printing on both sides makes it possible to achieve high quality standards without affecting production performance.

    L'interfaccia user friendly della stampante verticale MAS
    User friendly

    Full control.
    And user-friendly.

    MAS also applies the latest technologies to develop the control software and user interface, providing an intuitive and practical control system that can easily be integrated with the main ERP systems.

    Stampa su tessuto con MAS Vertical
    Eco friendly

    Digital printing
    means savings.

    The ongoing commitment at MAS to research and develop new solutions aims to incentivise sustainable production, thanks to a reduction in water consumption and the optimisation of all phases of the printing process.

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