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Maximum flexibility with all types of ink.

MAS Twelve.
Top production performance combines with high printing quality.

MAS Twelve has been designed to offer to any customers the maximum flexibility supporting all types of ink.

Fastest printing speed with any RIP software thanks to integrated queue manager. Widest color gamut thanks to 12 separated color channels. Complete digital printheads alignment.


    Printer technical features

    • Print width: Min: 1900 mm – Max: 3400 mm
    • Type of heads: Kyocera KJ4B 600 dpi heads
    • Heads per carriage: Up to 24 (2 rows of 12)
    • Installable colors: Nr. min 4 – max 8
    • Power supply: 400 V
    • Installed power: 25 kVA

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    data sheet